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Black Widow - Cyanoacrylate Elastic Glue

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Black Widow - Cyanoacrylate Elastic Glue - AK Int.

20g Plastic Bottle

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Special 380 cyanoacrylate formulated with rubber particles to add flexibility to bonding points.

Extra strong, low viscosity, with a special formulation for metals, rubber and plastics. The surfaces to be joined must be free of dirt, dust and grease. Only a small amount of adhesive needs to be applied, plus cyanoacrylate does not guarantee better adhesion.

1. Ethyl cyanoacrylate with 1% rubber particles

2. Temperature of use: from -50º to 100º

3. Setting time: from 60 to 120 seconds. Gaps and uneven surfaces can increase this set time. It is not necessary to use clamps.

4. Final polymerization time: 24 h

5. Space-filling capacity: 0.15mm

6. Viscosity: 100 mPa.S

7. Shear strength: 26.0 MPa

* Bottles are not filled at 100% to leave some air and make it work properly.


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