Quick Cement - Plastic Glue

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Quick Cement - Extra Thin Plastic Glue - AK Int.

40ml Glass Bottle



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Quick Cement is the fastest and most durable plastic glue on the market. Unlike other adhesives for plastic, it dries quickly and allows bonding by capillarity, and is very effective in joining parts with little contact surface.

A handy applicator brush in the cap allows you to distribute the adhesive along the joint, letting it flow in a capillary way thanks to its extreme fluidity. These liquid adhesives are specially formulated to bond plastics, melting the contact area between the pieces. NB. Glue not suitable for resin models!

1. Extreme fluidity.

2. Very fast drying.

3. Penetrates by capillarity.

4. Ultra-thin precision brush in Maxoma fiber

5. Anti-overturning square base jar.

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Glues and Putties

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