Our Company

Arena Forge is a small Italian company that makes and sells miniatures for modeling and board games. It was born from the owner's passion for this world and his experience in design, 3D printing and mold making.

In addition to our miniatures, we also sell all related products such as paints, brushes and accessories. We have chosen high-end products such as Abteilung 502 and AK Interactive brand colors or Liquitex and Winsor&Newton inks (both available soon). The range of products you find on our site is all you need for this hobby, from beginners to professionals.

Sede Cusago


All our miniatures are made of plastic, resin or white metal (tin alloy) depending on various factors. All the materials we use are high-quality products, resistant, easy to sand and paint.

Size of our miniatures

We are starting the production of both 35mm and 54mm miniatures (1:50 and 1:32 scales). The 35mm are the most popular because they are more widespread in practically all board games starting from Warhammer to Dungeon&Dragons and because they are cheaper and easier to paint even for beginners. The 54mm, on the other hand, offers more generous dimensions to give more space to the technique and creativity of even the most experienced painters.

In addition to the miniatures produced by us, we also have for sale 35mm and 54mm resin miniatures from Abteilung 502 and Rage Resin Models (soon available).

Production system 

Our miniatures are made using the most modern production technologies such as SLA 3D printing and plastic injection and more traditional ones such as centrifugal casting. Thanks to using all these expertly mixed systems, combined with a passion for precision and quality, our miniatures always have a perfect finish and cost less.