Matt effect Thinner for Oils

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Matt effect Thinner for Oil Paints - Abteilung 502

100ml Plastic Bottle



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This thinner is perfect for giving a matte finish to your paints, washes and glazes even if done with traditional oil paints.

The particularities of this thinner, thanks to its ultra-soft and high-quality formulation, make this product the best choice for any type of dilution in combination with any paint on the market.

Suitable for: Oils and enamel paints. An essential product that will never let you down.

NB. Do not use the thinner to clean tools and brushes. Instead, use our Perfect Cleaner AK11505 to clean acrylic airbrushes and brushes and White Spirit or Isopropyl Alcohol to clean other types of colors.

**Shake well before use**

### Product not eligible for “Ordinary Mail” and “Priority Mail” postal shipments. ###


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Thinners And Cleaners

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