Fantasy & Sci-Fi

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Fantasy & Sci-Fi - Color Set - Oil paints - ABT310 Abteilung 502

6x20ml Tubes

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The colors of the Abteilung 502 sets are specially designed to provide the painter with the correct selection of tones for a specific job. Each set includes colors assembled with a specific theme or for a specific painting technique.

Within this set, you will find all the basic colors to paint everything that is Fantasy, from spaceships to fantastic creatures. Mixed together, you can create as many colors as needed to cover all the more unusual shades seen in this type of miniatures.

Package contents:

ABT500 Gundam Blue
ABT505 Coagulated Blood
ABT510 Starship Filth
ABT515 Turquoise Lights
ABT520 Dead Flesh
ABT525 Ghost Grey


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