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Pure White

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Pure White - Acrylic paint - Abteilung 502

20ml Tube



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Abteilung 502 acrylic paint range for artists has a formula that offers maximum opacity and coverage, combined with vivid and intense color, and provides a matte finish.

Specially designed for miniature painters looking for the highest quality pigmented finish. Their density makes them suitable for both base paint and techniques such as drybrush. With the right dilution, they are also perfect for washing and glazing. In addition, the tube guarantees unparalleled color durability for any traditional type bottle for miniatures.

Abteilung 502's high-quality dense acrylic range covers all the needs of artists and modelers such as canvas painting, airbrushing or illustration, combining short drying times with a smooth, matte finish.

Pure White is an essential color for your works. In addition to being used pure, it can be used to lighten all other colors without altering their color rendering.

To thin these dense acrylic colors for all your painting needs, we highly recommend using our Acrylic Thinner 3Gen AK11500. 


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